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  • Waters ACQUITY UPLC Sample Organizer

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    The ACQUITY UPLC Sample Organizer increases the level of automation and sample processing throughput of the ACQUITY UPLC System. It extends the capacity of the system by more than tenfold for samples in standard ANSI-compliant 96 or 384 well plates; or more than threefold for samples in conventional 2 mL vials.


    • Plates are transferred in a programmable order from the Sample Organizer to the ACQUITY UPLC System Sample Manager for processing
    • Plate exchange shuttle replaces a plate in the Sample Manager within 15 seconds to support high sample-throughput processing
    • Shelves accessed through the large swing-open front door and slide in easily
    • Accepts any combination of ANSI-compliant well plates and vial holders
    • Temperature control of 4 to 40 °C in 1 °C increments
    • Small footprint

    Sample capacities:

    • 22 standard ANSI/SBS-compliant 96 or 384 well plates
    • 12 intermediate well plates
    • 8 x 48 – 2mL vials
    • 8 x 24 – 4mL vials

    Unit powers up. Communicates with Empower software. Cleaned inside out. Temperature verified. Passes functional testing. No errors reported. Listing is for sample organizer only. Waters ACQUITY system package also available. Contact for details.