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Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum AM Mass Spectrometer

$35,000.00 $29,995.00

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Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum AM Mass Spectrometer


  • Thermo TSQ Quantum AM (Accurate Mass) Triple Quadruple MS
  • Computer with Xcalibur software package preloaded
  • ESI source
  • Power cables

Important Features:

- Mass range of 10 - 1500 Da

- High resolution and sensitivity

- Positive and negative ion polarity modes

- MS and MS/MS scan modes

- Full-scan, SIM, SRM, autoSIM and data-dependent scan types

- Xcalibur software for fully automated control and internal mass spec data processing

The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum AM mass spectrometer is part of the Thermo Scientific family and is one of the only high resolution triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometers available that is particularly designed for accurate mass measurement. This AM model has an extra capability to make routine mass measurements on the chromatographic timescale. It has a mass range of 10-1500 Da without extended mass range electronic assemblies. Also featuring the groundbreaking Ion Max source, end users can operate with interchangeable ESI and APCI probes for heightened sensitivity and detail. Ion transmission is increased due to its large volume ion transfer tube. Probe position can be utilized for maximum sensitivity and robustness by adjusting the probe in all three directional planes (x, y, and z).


Additionally, this Mass Spec system features a four-stage differentially-pumped vacuum manifold, an integrated divert/inject valve and syringe pump. Introduce samples via direct infusion, flow injection analysis, or LC/MS chromatography with an HPLC fitted with a column. All data from the mass spectrometer is stored and processed by the internal data system, Xcalibur. Being one of the most powerful and flexible MS data handling systems, Xcalibur provides fully automated control of the TSQ Quantum AM. All of the preceding innovations, pioneered by Thermo, build upon the legacy of the TSQ line of Mass Spectrometers.