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  • Tektronix P2220 Passive Oscilloscope Probe

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    Tektronix P2220 Passive Oscilloscope Probe


    Tektronix passive probe solutions provide high reliability and testing accuracy for basic oscilloscope measurements. The P2220 is a compact passive probe with selectable 1X/10X attenuation designed for use with selected Tektronix oscilloscopes.




    Input Resistance

    1MΩ, 10MΩ

    Input Capacity

    17.0pF @ 10x, 110 pF @ 1x

    Compensation Range

    15-25 pF

    System Bandwidth (-3dB)

    200MHz DC @ 10x, 6 MHz DC @ 1x

    Maximum Input Voltage

    150V RMS CAT II @ 1x, 300V RMS CAT II @ 10x