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  • Tektronix Rohde & Schwarz CMD80 Digital Radio Communication Tester

    $399.99 $250.00
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    CDMA, digital AMPS, AMPS, TACS in one box

    • High measurement accuracy and speed

    • Remote control via IEEE488/IEC625 bus

    • Autotest and remote control via RS232

    • Suitable for production, development and service

    This system has the following options installed

    • CMD-B1 1051.6002.04
    • CMD-B3 1051.6202.02
    • CMD-B60 1059.5405.02
    • CMD-B61 1051.7609.02
    • CMD-B62 1051.8205.04
    • CMD-B61 AWGN GENERATOR 1059.7508.04
    • CMD-B82 1059.43344.04
    • CMD-B14 SW-OPTION 1059.6101.04
    • CMD-K1 SW-OPTION 1082.2550.02
    • CMD-K2 SW-OPTION 1082.2650.04

    Unit powers on. Goes through boot, no errors reported. LCD is clear and looks good. All buttons are responsive. Includes power cable. Multiple options installed (reference listing for available options). Some case scratches and signs of previous use. Reference images for item condition.