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  • Tektronix SONY AWG2005 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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    • 20 MS/s (50 ns) Clock Rate Provides up to 10 MHz Waveforms
    • Two Channels (Can be upgraded to four) of 64 k Record Length
    • Generates sine, triangle, square, ramp, and pulse waves
    • Clock frequencey of 20 MHz
    • 12-Bit (1/4096) Vertical Resolution
    • Direct DSO Waveform Transfers
    • Region Shift Provides 50 ps Edge Placement
    • Built-in 1.44 MB, 3.5 in. Floppy Disk
    • Real-time Waveform Sequencer to Easily Create Automatic Test Sequences and Extremely Long Patterns
    • Formula Entry Waveforms
    • Fully Programmable from Front Panel, RS-232 and GPIB (IEEE 488.2)

    The AWG2005 offers 20 MS/s and 64 k deep memory. As with the entire AWG2000 Series, the graphical user interface allows on-screen viewing of waveform editing, simplifying "what if" test scenarios by allowing the easy creation of composite signals.

    Unit does not power on. For parts/repair.