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  • Skatron EMBLA 384 Microplate Washer

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    Excellent condition. Includes power cable. 

    Skatron's EMBLA 384 is designed for the high throughput screening arena and specifically for integration with laboratory automation systems. At the heart of the EMBLA 384 are two separate heads equipped with 192 probes each (arranged in an 8 x 24 grid); one head for aspirating and one for dispensing. The EMBLA rapidly transfers the plate between heads during washing and is capable of dispensing 10µl to 100µl in a 384-well plate with a coefficient of variation of 2 percent at 90µl. Two separate inlets allow for the use of two different liquids, such as two separate wash buffers, a wash solution and a dispense solution, or a wash solution and a rinse solution. 


    To ensure high aspirating efficiency, the EMBLA 384 allows for program-specific electronic adjustment of the aspiration probes. Also, well depths can be determined easily since the EMBLA contains a growing library that lists well depth of many commercially available 384-well plates. Each EMBLA is electronically standardized, ensuring reproducibility from one instrument to the next.