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  • Shimadzu RF-5301PC Spectrofluorophotometer w/ Software

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    High-Speed Scanning

    High-speed scanning up to 5,500nm/min allows you to measure a spectrum in seconds. And since

    monochromator slewing is about 20,000nm/min, setting  of two or more wavelengths can be performed quickly

    and easily.


    (S/N Ratio Over 150)

    The essence of fluorescence analysis is sensitivity.  The high-throughput optical system in the RF-5301PC

    employs a blazed holographic grating, photomultiplier  and digital circuit to provide the highest level S/N

    ratio attainable.

    Versatile Sample Compartment Size

    The sample compartment measuring 140mm wide, 170mm deep and 140mm high, enables use of micro

    cells, high-sensitivity cells, LC flow cells, etc for a wide range of applications.


    Built-In Performance Checks

    When the instrument is switched ON, operating  conditions of the spectrophotometer are automatically

    verified. Separately, noise level (S/N ratio) and light  source (Xenon lamp) usage are built-in features to help

    maintain the instrument in its optimum condition,  providing absolute confidence in the quality of the data.

    Constant-Temperature Single Cell Holder with Stirrer

    (Installed option). Keeps the sample at the desired constant temperature during measurement by circulating temperature-controlled water (5-70°C) around the sample cell. The stirring option has variable speed control and the minimum sample volume is 2mL. Effective for fluorometry of suspended cell samples. Note: Does not include the Temperature Controlled Water Bath.

    Unit powers on. Includes software on disk, power cable (x2), data cable, manual, and Hellma Cuv-O-STIR model 333. Legacy PC required for software, unable to test. Some marks/scratches/signs of previous use. Reference images for item condition.