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  • Sartorius Biohit Proline Pipettes 710100 & 710030

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    Sartorius Biohit Proline Pipettes 10-500µL 710100 & 10-250µL 710030 



    Biohit Proline Electronic pipettes are designed for maximum  performance and accuracy with ergonomic and user-friendly operation. The microprocessor controlled system reduces the possibility for human error and instrument contamination by controlling all piston movements. Its light-weight and ergonomic controls take the effort out of pipetting to  help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) that are frequent in manual pipetting. All Biohit Proline Electronic pipettes operate on the air displacement principle and use disposable tips.


    Good cosmetic condition. Set of two pipettes. 10-500µL model: 710100 & 10-250µL model: 710030. Model 710030 turns on and shows "E" on display. Model 710100 has LCD damage. No charger, unable to test. Sold as-is.

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