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  • Rohde & Schwarz R&S AMIQ 1110.2003.02 I/Q Modulation Generator OPT B1 K11

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    AMIQ is a modulation source for complex baseband signals of state-of-the-art telecommunication networks. Two synchronous outputs, which are matched to each other, and a large memory together with wide analog bandwidth make AMIQ suitable
    for universal use. The AMIQ has been designed to generate I and Q signals in the baseband for present and future types of modulation. "I" stands for the in-phase component, "Q" for the quadrature component.

    Good used condition. Unit powers on and boots up. Passes short-test and switch-on test, no errors. Installed options: AMIQ-B1, AMIQ-K11. Includes power cable. Some minimal signs of previous use. Reference images for item condition.