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  • New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo 110 Fermentation System

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    The BioFlo 110 is a modular fermentation system for microbial and cell culture applications. It features a modern, easy-to-use control interface, plus an available family of vessels, controller modules, and other accessories that address the diverse needs of the bioprocessing community.


    A complete range of water-jacketed and non-jacketed fermentation and cell culture vessels is available to cover 0.4 through 14.0 liters (vessels sold separately). Modularity means you can position components to suit your workspace and working style. The controller modules can be vertically stacked to conserve bench space. Modularity also makes it easy and economical to adapt your system for different tasks at any time.


    The heart of the BioFlo 110 is the Primary Control Unit (PCU). The PCU serves as the operator interface for one to four vessels. Its bright graphic display and clearly marked keypad serve as the control center for all attached vessels and their associated loop controllers. Four-channel output to a strip-chart recorder is available from the PCU.


    The BioFlo 110 Power Controller is required for temperature and agitation control. It also provides power for liquid pumps and other control modules. The rotameter and cooling water valve are mounted on the outside of the Power Controller.


    The additonal modules control pH, dissolved oxygen (dO2), antifoam addition, and as communication hub to other modules.


    Good used condition. System powers on, all pumps operate. All modules communicate. Display looks good and all buttons are functional. 5 module system includes: PCU (power control unit) module, power controller module, pump module, dO2/pH module, antifoam module. Power cable and data cables necessary to daisy-chain modules together included. Vessel not included. Review images for item condition.