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  • LAUDA ECOLINE STAREDITION 003 E200 Water Bath Circulator Immersion Heating

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    The Ecoline bath/circulation thermostat consists of a E 200 control unit and ECOLINE STAREDITION 003 bath vessel. 




    All units are supplied with a pressure pump with vario-drive. The pump has an outlet with a rotatable bend(immersion thermostat) which is connected to the pump nipple for external thermostating circuits(bath/circulation thermostats). An additional outlet provides circulation within the bath.


    Temperature indication, control, and safety circuit


    The unit is provided with a 2-line LCD-Display with additional symbols for indicating bath temperature andsettings as well as operating states. Remote operation is possible via an isolated RS 232 interface. A low-level cut-out switches off the heating on both poles in order to prevent dry operation of the heater.




    All parts which come into contact with the bath liquid are made from high-grade materials appropriate tothe operating temperature. These are rust-free stainless steel, the plastics PPS, and fluoride rubber.


    Unit includes Lauda E200 immersion thermostat, Lauda ecoline staredition 003 water bath vessel, bath cover, and RS-232 data cable. Good used condition. Cleaned, inspected, and tested. Unit powered on, pump operates, heating operates, display looks good. Water bath vessel is in good condition, free of any major rust or damage. Power cord is attached to unit.