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  • PerkinElmer Caliper Life Sciences LabChip GX w/ PC, Software, and Warranty

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    PerkinElmer Caliper Life Sciences LabChip GX Separation System


    Like its predecessor the LabChip 90, the GX utilizes PerkinElmer's innovative microfluidics technology to perform reproducible, high-resolution, eletrophoretic separations. TheLabChip GX instrument can quantify DNA and RNA with advanced features to help accelerate your research and generate more meaningful data, faster.

    Package includes: Labchip GX, Dell PC with latest Labchip GX software version 4.2.1745.0 loaded, power cables (x2), data cable, keyboard, optical mouse, and 30 day warranty. Systems are tested and passed with test chip set A,B,C, DNA 5K. Some minimal marks/scuffs on case and PC. Reference images for item condition.