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  • HP 489A Microwave Amplifier

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    The 489A is a Microwave TWT Amplifier that covers the 1-2 GHz frequency range with 1 W output. Input/output impedance is 50 ohms, type N female connectors. Sensitivity: modulation input of >-20 V peak reduces RF output by >/=20 dB from DC to 50 kHz. Frequency response is DC to 500 kHz (3 dB), pulse response is <1 ?s rise and fall times. Features include front-panel gain adjust, cathode current meter, and modulation input.

    Unit powers on. Removed in operating condition from service. Some case scratches. Review images for item condition. Power cord not included. PH163 power cables are available for an additional fee.

    EXPORT RESTRICTED ITEM. We will not ship outside USA.