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  • Giga-tronics 8651A RF Universal Power Meter

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    The Series 8651A Universal Power Meters are digital-controlled, self-calibrating instruments that can measure RF and microwave signal power over a wide range of frequencies and levels in a variety of measurement modes. They can be operated locally from the front panel or remotely over the General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB). The 8651A is a single-channel model.




    •CW, Peak & Modulation Power Meter with Burst Mask Testing

    •More than 26,000 Readings/Second in the Fast Buffered Mode (GPIB only)

    •90 dB Dynamic Range CW Sensors

    •+0.3% Linearly per Degree Centigrade of Temperature Change

    •True Dual-Channel Display

    •SCPI Command Modes (GPIB Only)

    •HP 438A, 437B & 436 Native Mode Emulation (GPIB Only)

    •Giga-tronics 8540B & 8540C Native Mode Emulation (GPIB Only)

    •EEPROM Based CAL FACTOR Correction Sensors

    •Modulated Average Power (MAP) Mode

    •Pulse Average Power (PAP) Mode

    •Burst Average Power (BAP) Mode

    •Triggered (Time-Gated) Measurement Mode

    •Wide Modulation Bandwidth (Series 8650A is capable of Accurately Measuring Signals w/ Modulation

    Frequencies up to 10 MHz with the 80701A Sensors)

    •Strip Chart Function to View the Power Over a Selective Period of 40 Seconds to 200 Minutes

    •Statistical Functions Including Mean & Standard Deviation and Graphical Displays of Histogram,

    Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) and Complementary CDF (CCDF)

    •Upgradable Firmware via the RS-232 Port


    Good used condition. Includes power cable. Sensors or other cables not included. Display looks good, but some pixels are faulty in upper right corner of display (see pictures). Doesn't cause an issue with functionality as it is in the corner. All other functions working. Review images for item condition.