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  • GE Healthcare Processor Plus w/ Stainless Steel Tray & Glass Lid

    $1,500.00 $1,395.00
    The Ge Processor Plus system offers a fluid delivery system that automates acrylamide gel staining and western blot processing. Features:
    • One system for gel staining and blot processing
    • Automated staining of Coomassie blue- or silver stain gels for proteins and nucleic acid analysis
    • Prepares blots for high-sensitivity ECL and chromogenic detection
    • Programmable control of protocol, solution, volume, and processing time
    • Proven design for consistent, high-quality performance every time
    Changing from one application to the other is achieved by a fast, simple switch of a tray. Select a programmed protocol and push start. Processor Plus will fill and empty the tray with the correct solution at the right time The blot-processing capabilities of Processor Plus include trays for four mini (up to 9 × 9.5 cm) or two standard (up to 16 × 16 cm) sized blots at one time. Five preprogrammed and five user-defined blot protocols are incorporated for flexibility, and microprocessor precision ensures consistent results with low background from membrane to membrane.

    The automated gel staining capabilities of Processor Plus include nine preprogrammed and four user-defined protocols for proteins and nucleic acids. A choice of small and large format tray sizes accommodate one to six mini-gels or one to two standard size gels for silver or Coomassie blue-staining.

    The components behind the intelligent fluid handling of Processor Plus include a high-speed peristaltic pump for fast delivery and removal of reagents; a 10-port valve for the creation of multiple reagent protocols and segregation of hazardous waste; and a rhomboid-shaped tray with smooth and even rocking for rapid fluid mixing and coverage.

    Excellent used condition. Cleaned, inspected, and tested. Unit passes all system diagnostics. Rocker and pump in good working condition. Includes power cable, plastic base, stainless steel tray with gasket, glass lid, and tubing as shown. Some scratches/marks/signs of previous use. Review images for item condition.

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