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  • Extech 382065 382068 1000A True RMS Clamp Multimeter, Datalogger Leads Case NEW

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    Brand new in box, still in plastic. Only opened to show items in pictures.


    • 382065 1000A True RMS Clamp Multimeter
    • 382062-1 RS-232 Datalogger
    • Positive and negative leads
    • Positive and negative alligator clamps
    • Carry case
    • Owners manual/Documents
    • Extech Advantage datalogging software
    • 9V battery
    • Original box


    • 1000A Clamp measures 1f or 3f (phase) power to 600kW
    • Dual display of kW+PF, kVA+PF, V+A, A+Hz or V+Hz
    • Large 4-digit LCD with fast 40 seg. bargraph
    • 25 point memory viewable on display
    • Data Hold, Peak Hold, MIN/MAX and Auto Power Off

    The Extech Instruments 382068 1000A True RMS AC/DC Clamp-on Datalogger Kit has a built-in recorder that datalogs up to 4000 readings or download to a PC. It displays true power, apparent power, power factor, true RMS voltage and current, resistance and frequency. Full function display on large 4-digit LCD with fast 40 segment bargraph, and 25 point data memory viewable on the LCD display. Featuring 1000A clamp that can measure single f (phase) or 3f power to 600KW. It has a 1.8" (46mm) jaw opening allowing it to clamp onto anything you want tested for its AC power load. With careful use, this meter will provide years of reliable service.

    Complete kit part #: 382068
    Meter Part #: 382065
    RS-232 Datalogger Part #: 382062-1