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  • Anritsu MP1632C Digital Data Analyzer 3.2 Gb/s BERT w/ Modules: MU163220C, MU163240C, OPT 01, 02, 03

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    The MP1632C digital data analyzer, a 3.2 Gb/s BERT that not only conducts bit error rate testing, but can also measure burst signals and evaluate waveform quality. Featuring a wide frequency range of 10 MHz to 3.2 GHz, the MP1632C is an excellent tool in R&D and manufacturing of SONET/SDH systems, WDM components, G/bit Ethernet and Fiber Channel systems, as well as digital ICs. Combining a pulse pattern generator and error detector in one instrument, the MP1632C has strong analysis capability, including built in eye margin and eye diagram measurement functions. For further accuracy, the eye opening (margin) is shown as a function of bit error rate that is not supported by a digital oscilloscope. The built in pulse pattern generator outputs high quality data and clock waveforms. 

    Unit powers up. Includes power cable, rackmount hardware, clock module connections (x2). Following modules are installed: MU163220C (pulse pattern generator), MU163240C (error detector), OPT 01,02, 03 (internal synthesizer). Calibration stickers intact. Microsoft operating system and software load without issue. All controls work. Touchscreen responsive, calibrated. Display looks good (color may look off in photos due to camera). Passed self-test. Clock output port on MU163220C module missing. Some minor scratches from previous use. Reference images for item condition.