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  • ANDO AQ2141 Optical Multimeter Expansion Mainframe w/ AQ4310B ASE Unit

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    The ANDO AQ2141 optical multimeter expansion frame allows the AQ2140 optical multimeter external unit support.
    Up to 4 channels for the AQ2140 optical multimeter, including sensor units, OPM units or light source units.


    •  A single AQ-2140 optical multimeter can be connected
      to up to four AQ2141 optical multimeter expansion
      frames, providing an increase of up to 16 external
    • The AQ2141 can also be used as a multi-channel light
      source by itself.
      (Does not support ATT function or 1 kHz or 2 kHz
      chopped light)
    Excellent condition. Unit powers up. Includes power cable. Some minimal marks/scratches on case.
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