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  • Applied Biosystems 3130XL Genetic Analyzer

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    The flexible, 4-capillary 3130 system gives you all the advanced automation and superior performance of the Applied Biosystems 3130xl platform, with acquisition and operating costs tailored to an expanding research lab. And as your throughput needs increase, the system can be easily upgraded to 16 capillaries. Capillary electrophoresis offers several performance advantages for DNA analysis, compared with slab-gel techniques. The efficient heat dissipation of capillaries, along with a detection cell heater, provides enhanced thermal control, which results in more consistent runs and faster run times. Capillary electrophoresis also allows the use of electrokinetic injection to load samples into the capillaries; samples are simultaneously injected into the parallel 4- or 16-capillary array in less than 30 seconds. Sample usage is also reduced.

    Capillary electrophoresis, combined with a sensitive detection system, requires less DNA per sample than slab-gel technology. The most dramatic advantage of capillary electrophoresis, however, is the elimination of manual operations, resulting in improved run-to-run consistency and reliability—as well as faster turnaround times. Automated polymer delivery system. The 3130XL requires from you only sample preparation and creation of sample information for 24-hour continuous, unattended operation. Instrument set-up consists of filling the buffer reservoirs and attaching the polymer bottle.